I would like to express a big thank you to Janneke and Harriette for helping me find my current employment.
I was struggling with my job search for a few months, before I came across New Zealand Job Search on the Internet.
With a bit of doubt in mind, I contacted Janneke to ask for the service, then decided toi let New Zealand Job Search help me find my next professional job.

Janneke assigned Harriette to help me with my case, and I was immediately amazed by her professionalism. She not only rewrote my CV and cover letter to better preseent me to potential employers, but also updated me almost daily regarding the number of positions that she had applied.
Communication with Harriette was smooth, and by the third week I started having invitations for interviews. It took me 1.5 months to get my current job, and I’m very happy with it.
I would highly recommend New Zealand Job Search to anyone who is looking for employment in New Zealand.

Once again, thank you!

A. Nguyen Auckland

I had engaged Janneke to assist me in my job finding in New Zealand. Janneke had appointed her committed staff Harriette to assist me with my job search
Within weeks she was able to secure a job interview for me and I was subsequently hired for the job. It however did not last for long as my employer was irresponsible and did not pay my wages.
I approached Janneke about my dilemma and I was surprised that she was willing to assist me in finding a new job without charging the extra.
Again Harriette came to the rescue and managed to secure me another job interview within weeks and I managed to get the job offer.
After the first experience with a NZ employer I was lost and disheartened in a foreign land. However Janneke and Harriette were kind, supportive and relentlessly assisted me in my job search.
I am grateful to them for the assistance rendered.

Samsuri ZainolSingapore

Janneke Hordijk helped us in order to get a job for my Skilled Migrant visa.
We decided to save money for a year before we went to NZ. So I contacted Janneke a long time ago and finally after a year she could really start the job search.
I work in the field of QESH (Quality-Environment-Safety-Health). Janneke delegated one of her experts to do the job search for me, Harriette Kearney, and she found a job for me very quickly.
Within 6 weeks I had a job interview, which was during our 3 week visit to NZ, which was very convenient. We were very lucky!
We thank Janneke and Harriette very much for their efforts, without them we couldn’t have gotten our visa this quick!

Giel Hovens and Sanne KroonenburghThe Netherlands

I would like to thank Janneke for all the help and support she has given me during my job search.
Once Janneke accepts you as a client, after she has made sure for herself that you are eligible to get the visa, and that there are job opportunities for you, she is more than 110% committed.

The transparent way of working and keeping you up to date with every step she takes is very trustworthy. Nothing happens without you knowing it.
You can be sure you have got an answer within 12 hours of asking a question, even from overseas.

She has a pleasant way of keeping in touch with potential employers, either by email or by phone. I am very fortunate I ended up with a very good job offer.
The path towards an interview gets paved for you by Janneke, but in the end it is up to you to get the job, with help of her excellent interview advice and tips.

John ValkThe Netherlands

Working through my job search (the epic journey) with Janneke has been a blessing.
I came from Nigeria on a 9 month visa and had to find a job before expiry. I never thought it would take 5 months to get a job but it did and Janneke was of great support throughout my job search.

Janneke, I remember the long weekly spreadsheet of applications, the long phone conversations, the moral support and your favorite line: We keep going!
I can go on and on and I really can’t thank you enough but I’ll try: Thanks a million!

Abi OgunjemilusiNigeria

My wife and I longed to enjoy our family life in New Zealand, a beautiful country with great outdoor living.
To realise this dream an offer of employment was a requirement.
Janneke of New Zealand Job Search has helped us. As to date I have been employed for several months with the company that Janneke has found for me.

The search for a NZ employer started, initially with another company, but got really going when Janneke stepped in, which was several months later.
Time and energy was dedicated to our wishes, experiences and expectations.
A NZ style CV and a dedicated search area for industry and positions was the first part of the service.
Soon there were 3 firm contacts and I flew to NZ for 3 job interviews.
All interviews were spot on as to my experience and local needs. This was a pleasant experience, as NZ was far from home.
The result was excellent, I was hired on the spot!

I would like to recommend Janneke to everyone who looks for employment in New Zealand.
You will get a clear and personal service, which enhances your chances for success.
When you decide to use Janneke’s service, be prepaired, for she delivers!

Herman HoedmakerThe Netherlands

With my Silver Fern visa I had 9 months to find employment in my field of expertise, Psychology.
After 7 months of unsuccessful trying I decided to engage a professional job search company, for time was running out fast.
Janneke started to work for me immediately, and contacted a whole list of potential employers in a very short time.
She applied for positions that I had never thought of and would have overlooked. And one of these positions was the one for me: Outcomes Broker for Spectrum Care and it is just unbelievable how well this job suits me. Better than I dared to dream of.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Janneke, who has such a positive approach and who is so pro-active.
The time pressure was enormous, and she managed to stimulate my motivation and self-confidence.

I am most grateful for her help and honestly, this was the best choice that I could have made. I now hold a 2-year work visa, and that is what I came for, and Janneke’s contribution was vital, for which I thank her.

Belinda VerrijdtThe Netherlands

Only in New Zealand will you find the level of commitment that Janneke offers.
Otherwise, you may seek recruitment agencies that are interested in making a profit but not in helping you solve your enployment issues.
Searching for a job is never an easy task and trying to do so in a foreign country only aggravates the matter- it’s a journey riddled with obstacles.Employment is a social activity and to be isolated is the greatest drawback.

Some people are lucky to have friends or relations that provide support as well as hints and tips on obtaining employment. But not everyone can rely on such acquaintances to unravel the intricate process of job hunting.
It was while doing research on job opportunities in New Zealand that I came across the New Zealand Job Search website.
I instantly realised my dreams of improving my career prospects were on the right track. In fact, from them I have seen the type of assistance that I have not seen in my own country.

James CamilleriMalta

My experience with Janneke and New Zealand Job Search is a very positive one.
It is a joy to work with someone who is personnaly involved, as Janneke is. I could call her any time, also on those moments when I missed my family and needed a friendly voice.

The cover letters she made were specifically for the positions we applied for and my CV was specified to the NZ market, and as a result I recieved many positive reactions from employers.
All this work resulted in a job interview, prior to which we discussed the requirements for this vacancy and how to anticipate questions from the employer.
It is important to prepare well for an interview, in which you must convince the employer of your skills and talents. In the end it is you who must leave a good first impression, hopefully resulting in a second interview, or even better, a job offer.
A 4 week search and sending my CV to numerous companies resulted in 2 interviews, after which I was offered a very good and well paid position. My job search and Janneke were a truly pleasant experience.

Wenny Lubbers

The first month in my new job is a fact and it has been very special.
I was happy with all your good advice, and I remember your wise words: take your time, listen well and don’t be so direct (a Dutch characteristic!), and it will be great!
All is great, my co-workers have accepted me as one of their own and we can have fun, also about language differences (I’m still learning Kiwi English!).
I’m so happy that you have helped me to find a position that so suits me and also the way in which you provided your service and helped us through the entire process of visa, moving and settling in, with advice and humour.
You were always there, you could always be reached. And you have always provided a clear and fast answer to all our questions.

Your advice and directions were always clear and practical. You showed confidence in your own ability and your down to earth approach was just what I needed, even your “attitude” advice!

We have rented a lovely home at the edge of a forest and within walking distance to the beach, our dream location.
And just as you predicted, when our belongings arrived there was that moment to sit down, open a bottle of wine and feel at home.
We would like to share a bottle with you! Whenever you visit Christchurch, you and your family will be most welcome!

Nisargo van de Meent

After months of unsuccessful searching for employment I found the New Zealand Job Search website on the Net.
As I needed an offer of employment to finalise my visa application, time was running out and I hired Janneke to help me.
She presented me to potential employers in such a favourable way hat her job search resulted in several job interviews at my desired location, the North Shore, where my family lives.

I now hold a permanent position with the potential to grow, and my visa application has been accepted. Thanks, Janneke!

Rohit K

Hi Janneke,

You told me from the start that there would be work for carpenters, but I didn’t expect to be offered a well- paid position in Tauranga within 24 hours after arrival in New Zealand!

This was the top one on the long list of potential employers that I received from New Zealand Job Search.
After the initial excitement and relief of having found a position so quickly, I had a look at some of the other companies who were interested to see me.
It was there that I found the job I didn’t think still existed: building 100% wooden houses at NZ Log Chalets.
After an interview at the workplace I was convinced that this is what I would like to do! Work that requires all my skills as a carpenter and where I can help create a quality product of which I can be proud.
So thanks heaps for finding my dream job!

Jan Heikoop

We are very happy with Janneke’s successful job search assistance; within 2 weeks she found an employer who was willing to hire me (Mark) after a telephone interview while still in Holland.
She was also very helpful with finding us rental accommodation, after we stayed with her and her family for several weeks, and she introduced us to the local community.

Janneke and her entire family are migrant-friendly people, who welcome new immigrants and visitors to their home, and we will surely remain friends! Thanks, Janneke!

Anna and Mark Waldus

We met Janneke via her website when our migration process wasn’t going as well as we had hoped for.
A job offer was needed to be able to apply for visa. For us, coming from a non visa waiver country (India), it was very difficult to find an employer without being able to attend job interviews in person.
Janneke managed to find several employers willing to offer a position, her job search assistance was more than successful, and we recently were granted NZ permanent residence!

Devender and Mahesh Dhurvas