Our expertise

15 years experience

We’ve been helping people all over the world to find jobs in New Zealand for more than a decade.

Personalised approach

We have developed a unique, one-on-one approach designed to reach a successful outcome for our clients.

Competitive Pricing

We’re not recruiters – we work specifically and exclusively for you and don’t charge a fee from the employer.

The team

Working together with a small but dedicated team of job searchers (all migrants themselves), our goal is to work closely with you, our client, to asist you in a successful job search.

We will use every legal means available to help you get job interviews with New Zealand employers, all within the visa regulations of Immigration New Zealand regarding work or permanent resident visa.

Janneke Hordijk

Janneke, herself a migrant, is the founder of New Zealand Job Search and works with great enthusiasm for her clients. Her talents are knowledge of the NZ job market, mobilising her many contacts in just about every industry, and her perseverance.
You are welcome to email Janneke in English or in Dutch.

Harriette Kearney

Harriette, a Psychologist, is also a migrant and married to a Kiwi. She is very successful, having booked job interviews for every client that she assisted.
You are welcome to email Harriette in English or in Dutch.

How we help

We pride ourselves in offering active job search assistance to you, our client, if you wish to migrate to New Zealand and/or need employment in New Zealand as an essential part of work your visa application.

We are not a recruitment agency; recruiters are contracted and paid by employers, usually from a specific city or region, who seek personnel.
We work specifically and exclusively for the job seeker, we don’t charge a fee from the employer, and we contact potential employers directly on your behalf, working nation-wide.

Your ambassador in New Zealand

We help you to find a job, not only by contacting potential employers on your behalf, also with a curriculum vitae that is respected throughout New Zealand.
We compose individual cover letters, exclusively for you, to present you to potential employers. We will also coach you in specific New Zealand standards for job interviews, in person or via phone or Skype.
We will answer each and every enquiry on your behalf, wether by e-mail, phone or in person. We will be your personal ambassador in New Zealand!