Bring your pet to New Zealand

Cats and dogs can be brought, subject to meeting the quarantine requirements, which will vary, depending on the country of origin.

Other normal family pets will be covered under specific regulations, and will be significantly more difficult to bring.

Horses are covered separately.

Animals (pets)

The New Zealand economy is historically based on agriculture. Less than five percent of the population is human, the rest are animals. The New Zealand government is extremely careful about the importation of livestock into the country.
The regulatory body governing the importation of animals is the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF)

Cats and dogs from many countries of the world can come to New Zealand. They are likely to need to be put into quarantine once they arrive.
Cats and dogs coming from Australia,United Kindom, Sweden, Norway, Hawaii and Singapore do not require quarantine but do require certification and will be inspected for ticks on arrival.

How long the quarantine period will be depends on what country you come from, and what steps you have taken to meet MAF testing requirements before arrival. Nearly all other animals including birds, turtles and monkeys are prohibited from coming to New Zealand.

Cats and dogs must be identified with a microchip or permanent tattoo and the identification details must be shown on the accompanying certification when they are imported to New Zealand.

The importation of animals into New Zealand requires the issue of an Import Permit. A copy of an Import Permit can be obtained from MAF after booking of the quarantine facility has been made and confirmed.

Import Health Standards for the importation of dogs and cats into New Zealand from specified countries and territories recognised as countries or territories in which Canine Rabies is absent or well controlled can be obtained from

Quarantine facilities

There are 5 registered quarantine facilities in New Zealand.

The following facility is registered and permitted to quarantine dogs from specific countries:

Pethaven Quarantine Services

71a Homestead Road
RD1 Pokeno
New Zealand

Proprietor: Mrs. Robyn van den Brink
Ph/Fax +64 9 2336301
Dogs (12)

The following facility is registered and permitted to quarantine cats from specific countries:

Pussy Cat Lodge

29 Crowther Street
New Zealand

Proprietor: Mr Gary Burch
Ph +64 9 828 3410
Fax +64 9 828 0455
Cats (24)

The following facilities are registered and permitted to quarantine cats and dogs from specific countries:

Qualified Pet Services

150 Airfield Road
New Zealand

Proprietor: Mr Raymond Cheung
Ph +64 9 299 9539
Fax +64 9 299 9539
Dogs (36) and Cats (32)

Canterbury Quarantine Services Ltd

Highfield Road
PO Box 23158
New Zealand

Proprietors: Chris and Lindsey Ward
Ph +64 3 318 1279
Fax +64 3 318 1289
Dogs (30) Cats (15)

Shado-Lans Quarantine Facility

773 State Highway One
R D 31
New Zealand

Proprietors: Denise and John Clark
Ph +64 6 362 6184
Fax +64 6 362 6185
Dogs (6) Cats (4)

Dogs are the only pets that you are required to register at your local Council, where you can also pay your dog tax.

For questions about immigration to New Zealand, please feel free to contact us by Email