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Building professionals wanted in New Zealand

Building professionals wanted in New Zealand. Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and experienced builders and Carpenters are in demand at the moment, due to the building boom. If you are qualified and have proven work experience, then get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you with more details.

Buying a house for NZ non-residents

The following does not apply to NZ permanent residents, who can freely buy property in NZ. New Zealand generally encourages foreign investment from all countries, however a minimum level of control is maintained to ensure that undesirable investment is discouraged, and to control the acquisition of certain sensitive land. Whilst the disincentives to foreign investment […]

House/Property inspection

You have found a home that you are keen to buy and want to take it to the next stage. A professional property inspection is recommended next. Why have a professional inspection? A professional inspection of a home before you buy should identify matters that need attention. Not many existing homes will come up with […]

Building a house in New Zealand

The New Zealand Building Act In New Zealand the building of houses is controlled by the Building Act 2004 which applies not only to the construction of new buildings but also to the alteration, demolition and maintenance of existing buildings. The main reason for having building controls is to ensure buildings are safe and healthy to live […]

Buying a house in New Zealand

You may look at dozens of houses before you buy or only a few. Either way, you can find the right home with thorough research. We look at the important matters to investigate. Buyer beware! Before you buy a new home, whether it is not yet built, newly built, or an older home, it is […]

Renting a house in New Zealand

When you arrive in New Zealand it is a good idea initially to rent a home while you decide where you wish to live. Since NZ has a high level of home ownership, the stock of rental housing is less extensive than in most other developed countries. Prices and quality vary and it is always […]

Bring your pet to New Zealand

Cats and dogs can be brought, subject to meeting the quarantine requirements, which will vary, depending on the country of origin. Other normal family pets will be covered under specific regulations, and will be significantly more difficult to bring. Horses are covered separately.

Registered Migration Advisers/Consultants

For those of you who don’t want to apply for visa yourself, or those who need extra help, there is the option of hiring a IAA-registered migration consultant. Why a registered consultant? Immigration New Zealand requires all migration agents who work in New Zealand and abroad to be registered. For you, this means that you […]

Useful information for migrants

If you are thinking of immigration to New Zealand or if you are in the process of doing so, you may find the following links helpful. Migrant social clubs in New Zealand There are several migrant social clubs in New Zealand, where you can meet other migrants, to share information and tips or to help […]