Our Services

Job Search

New Zealand Job Search offers very comprehensive, personalised job search assistance to help you obtain employment in New Zealand within the visa regulations of Immigration New Zealand (INZ). 

Curriculum Vitae

We help write and review your CV to see if it is suitable to use in New Zealand, and if all it takes are a few pointers, we will provide these free of charge, thus saving you unnecessary cost.

Visa Check

We offer our clients the possibility to apply for an obligation-free visa check, performed by an IAA-registered migration consultant.                                                                                   

Why us?

15 Years Experience

We’ve been helping people all over the world to find jobs in New Zealand for more than a decade.

Personalised approach

We have developed a unique, one-on-one approach designed to reach a successful outcome for our clients.

Competitive pricing

We’re not recruiters – we work specifically and exclusively for you and don’t charge a fee from the employer.


Working through my job search (the epic journey) with Janneke has been a blessing. I can go on and on and I really can’t thank you enough but I’ll try: Thanks a million!

Abi OgunjemilusiNigeria

The transparent way of working and keeping you up to date with every step she takes is very trustworthy. Nothing happens without you knowing it.

John ValkThe Netherlands

After the first experience with a NZ employer I was lost and disheartened in a foreign land. However Janneke and Harriette were kind, supportive and relentlessly assisted me in my job search.

Samsuri ZainolSingapore

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