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New Zealand information

Here you can find all kinds of useful information about living and working in New Zealand.

job search service

How can we help you? Use the link below to find out what we can do for you.

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You are welcome to contact us, by phone or email, with enquiries and questions you may have.

Live and work in New Zealand

Each year many thousands of qualified workers and well-educated professionals come to New Zealand as migrants or temporary workers. All are looking to start a NZ career.

For overseas candidates, New Zealand jobs are often not easy to get and many of them have found it near impossible to find a position from overseas if there are no family members or friends living in NZ to help with contacts. We can help!

Find a job in New Zealand

New Zealand Job Search offers very comprehensive, one-on-one job search assistance, and we work with you to reach your goal: to obtain employment in New Zealand that is within the visa regulations of Immigration New Zealand (INZ), and to book you sufficient job interviews as needed to find employment.
At New Zealand Job Search we contact employers directly on behalf of our clients, we do all the leg work and we work nation-wide.